Welcome to Danang Car Rental at Train Station. We offer cars with own drivers for trips from Danang Railway Station to the most interesting and important destinations in Central Vietnam like Hoi An or Danang Town. Our vehicles are available with space for one up to forty passengers. Rent a car at Danang Train Station with Indochina Transfer Individual for favorable prices and availability within 2 hours.

Prices Danang Car Rental Railway Station

Danang Car Rental Train Station Prices

for ride to distance ca. vehicle price / cost
Town 4 km CAR 4 seats 9.80 USD
CAR 7 seats 12.60 USD
VAN 16 seats 21.00 USD
Hoi An 30 km CAR 4 seats 15.40 USD
CAR 7 seats 18.20 USD
VAN 16 seats 28.00 USD
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